Thursday, February 28, 2013

Give us a kiss film lovers! It's time to take a look at the Most Embarrassing On-Screen Parents!

The Guilt Trip

Most Embarrassing On-Screen Parents

THE GUILT TRIP, which hits the UK cinemas on the 8th March, follows struggling inventor Andy Brewster (Seth Rogen), who make a rash decision to bring his mother, Joyce (Barbra Streisand) on a road trip across the US. Across 3,000 miles of ever-changing landscape, he is constantly aggravated by her antics, but over time he comes to realize that their lives have more in common than he originally thought.

We love a good embarrassing parent to make you appreciate what you've got (or not as the case may be!). We decided to take a look at some of our favourites in films to see how bad Andy actually has it.

Rose and Bernie Focker in MEET THE FOCKERS
Barbra Streisand clearly has a knack at playing an embarrassing mother, as she also appears in this cult hit comedy from 2004. After suffering the humiliation of being given the third degree by his girlfriend's father, Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) now faces the even more embarrassing task of introducing his in-laws and future wife to his hippie parents.

Jim’s dad in AMERICAN PIE films
Whether it’s being caught with his privates in his mother’s apple pie or a porno super glued to his hand, Jim’s father is very understanding and always ready to offer some cringe-worthy advice. Eugene Levy, who played Jim's father in the film, became a cult hit favourite in this role, and even got a film of his own. Like we said, people can’t get enough of embarrassing parents!

Mrs. Jones in BRIDGET JONES films
Mrs. Jones is the epitome of a humiliating mother. Always nosing into her daughter’s love life and disapproving of every decision she makes, Bridget’s complicated life is made even harder. Not content with casting aside her husband for a younger, more orange model, Mrs Jones decides to co-host a shopping channel programme with her new lover to the disbelief of her daughter. Good thing Bridget’s love interest, Mark Darcy is very understanding!

After Homer accidentally pollutes the town's water supply, Springfield is encased in a gigantic dome by the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Simpsons family are declared fugitives. Everyone agrees that Bart and Lisa have a pretty embarrassing dad, especially after he makes best friends with a pig he lovingly names Spider Pig.

Daniel Hillard in MRS DOUBTFIRE
So your dad dresses up like a sweet old lady named Mrs Doubtfire to spend time with you after your mum files for divorce. What's to be embarrassed about? I don’t think we need to say any more about this one.

Walter Stratford in 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU
This super-neurotic and paranoid single father is an extremely overprotective father, believing that his daughters will have sex, do drugs and drink as soon as they aren't under his supervision, though he is incorrect about this for the most part.

Mrs George in MEAN GIRLS
Mrs George certainly earns her spot in this list. Why? Maybe because she calls herself a “cool mum” and insists that she’s one of the girls even though her daughter clearly does not want have anything to do with her! Also the fact that she has had a boob job and now has knockers as hard as rocks doesn't help!

If you want Barbra to make you blush, go and see The Guilt Trip, in cinemas from March 8th.

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